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Mr. Jason Fu

Over 20 years experiences in Market Research. Prior to his own business set up in Japan in 2018, he led a team of 25 people to oversee the marketing sales and client service divisions of a famous China Marketing & Research Company in Hong Kong branch office and Shanghai for more than 12 years. His experienced insights helped many well-known International Advertising Agencies, TV Broadcasters and Advertisers to enter into the China markets, and position their brandings and market strategize their brands in the market.

Ms.Kathy Chan

Over 20 years experiences in Media Research. Prior to her own business set up in Japan in 2018, she worked in 2 International TV Broadcasters for 13 years and a China Media Research Company for 8 years leading a team of 18 people in Hong Kong branch office. Her extensive experiences in both client and research service provider has pulled together her insights and market factors to determine the best entry vehicle for the TV or media agency clients to China markets by using data and technology over the years.

Cooperative Partners

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